The TaxAssist Group

The TaxAssist Group of companies businesses are service led, engaging in five main activities in support of its franchisees:

  1. Recruitment of new franchisees, Master Franchisees and Area Representatives
  2. Training and development
  3. Accounting and Tax support
  4. Marketing support, business development and brand awareness.
  5. Other general support services.

The following companies are subsidiaries of The TaxAssist Direct Group Ltd which has significantly expanded in the last few years.

In 2014, a Franchisee assisted Management team Buyout (FaMBO) of all TaxAssist businesses completed with the new company The TaxAssist Direct Group Ltd acquiring 100% of the business.

TaxAssist Direct Ltd

TaxAssist Direct Ltd is the franchisor for the UK TaxAssist Accountants network and owner of all The TaxAssist Group intellectual property and trademarks. With no accountancy practice of its own or other business concerns, the sole function of this company is that of a training, marketing and support company servicing a growing network of franchised accountancy practices in the UK. This company was first established in 1995 and originally developed a strong brand and a robust business model that is the TaxAssist Accountants franchise offering in the UK. Each franchisee provides a comprehensive range of accountancy and taxation services to small businesses (self-employed, sole traders’ partnerships and limited companies) and personal income taxpayers. Click here for further information

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TaxAssist Direct International Ltd

A key aspect of The TaxAssist Group’s strategy is to pursue global expansion in selected territories, initially Ireland, Australia, US and Canada. In 2009, a subsidiary company was created TaxAssist Direct International Ltd, to facilitate the start of the global expansion plans. Originally, the Irish Master Franchise rights and the Australian Master Franchise rights were awarded from TaxAssist Direct International Ltd, and since then separate companies have now been formed. The Canadian Master Franchise rights currently sit with this subsidiary. The main function of TaxAssist Direct International Ltd is to expand into new markets with the recruitment of partners and to train and support them to grow successful ‘TaxAssist Accountants’ franchised networks. Click here for further information

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TaxAssist Direct Ireland Ltd

In 2009, TaxAssist awarded its first Master Franchise License to the Republic of Ireland (ROI). The Master Franchise Rights were awarded to an established accounting practice (principals being Certified Public Accountants) that was already successful in its own right, but wanted to grow nationally and saw the value in the TaxAssist brand, experience and support. In 2017, the original Master Franchisee retired, and the rights were acquired by The TaxAssist Direct Group Ltd. A new company was created: TaxAssist Direct Ireland Ltd and is run by Managing Director Alison McGinley backed up by the TaxAssist Accountants Ireland Support Centre team and the Group Support Centre team in Norwich, UK. Click here for further information

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TaxAssist Direct Australia Pty Ltd

TaxAssist Accountants launched in Australia in 2015 with a Master Franchise arrangement. For personal reasons the Master Franchisees relinquished the Master Franchise rights in 2020 and a new company was created: TaxAssist Direct Australia Pty Ltd. Experienced businesswoman Mandy Sigaloff was appointed as Managing Director for Australia to drive up the growth of the network supported by the TaxAssist Accountants Australia Support Centre team and the Group Support Centre team in Norwich, UK. Click here for further information

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TaxAssist Direct USA Inc

In 2020, The TaxAssist Group completed the formation of TaxAssist Direct USA Inc, which is headed up by New Jersey-based Aditya Ravipati, who for the last 10 years was a Senior Tax Manager at Deloitte. TaxAssist Direct USA Inc. is expecting a surge of interest in franchising in the USA during and post Covid-19, as people re-think their lives. Both Area Representative and franchise opportunities are now available across the initial target states. Click here for further information

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TaxAssist Direct London Ltd

In 2020, The TaxAssist Group created the TaxAssist Direct London Ltd to operate as a franchisee operation in central London. The purpose of the company is to develop the central London postcodes.  Gary Bugdale FCCA, was appointed as Managing Director to run the operation and Gary, as qualified accountant, joined us from Price Bailey. The first shop is now open and trading in Farringdon and more locations are planned to open across this territory.

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TaxAssist Direct Services Ltd

TaxAssist Direct Services Ltd was created in 2019 to offer two key services for UK franchisees. TaxAssist Direct Services Ltd first developed a TaxAssist Accountants-branded payroll bureau service for TaxAssist Accountants’ clients, based at the UK Support Centre. Using the latest technology, the payroll services are run through a leading cloud-based portal, providing enhanced functionality for the franchisee, the client and their employees. This is part of the quality, technology-led offering to the UK network and their clients, as well as supporting increased profitability for franchisees’ businesses. The company then created an in-house tax consultancy service to place alongside current partners. This ‘Tax Insourcing’ work is completed by a ‘tax insourcing’ team who are also based at the UK Support Centre. There is significant potential to develop services and products that fit the needs of existing clients, as well as providing an opportunity to attract new clients who are interested in tax planning services.

TaxAssist Direct Financial Services Ltd

In 2021, the TaxAssist Group created a new company titled TaxAssist Direct Financial Services Ltd. The Group is aware that practices can generate significant commissions from financial services work and expect this to become more relevant as clients look for more rounded and joined up advice on connected topics. The Group sees an opportunity in this area and TaxAssist Direct Financial Services Ltd has been set up to provide financial services to clients though its network of franchisees.

With a detailed plan for the growth and evolution of the TaxAssist brand, plus the addition of new products and services, these are exciting times for the TaxAssist network.

Daren Moore, Group Managing Director

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