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For all media enquiries, interviews, case studies or information on our latest news and campaigns, contact our press teams below.

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Brand Standards

Our standards detail the manner in which the TaxAssist Accountants brand name, logos and associated assets may be used.

We ask all partners to adhere to our standards to ensure our brand values are maintained across all our international territories.

To request the latest TaxAssist Accountants Brand Standards for your region, please make an enquiry.


The TaxAssist Accountants logos are distinct and instantly recognisable trademarks. We require that all logos in the TaxAssist Accountants Group are used in the manner outlined in our Brand Standards.

With a detailed plan for the growth and evolution of the TaxAssist brand, plus the addition of new products and services, these are exciting times for the TaxAssist network.

Daren Moore, Group Chief Executive Officer

Franchisee Case Studies

Accreditations & ethics

The Group abides by the ethics of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and works closely with all relevant accountancy and tax professional bodies and institutions. TaxAssist Accountants is also a member of the Irish Franchise Association and the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA).

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