With COVID-19 still preventing face-to-face regional meetings, Group Operations Director, Sarah Robertson; Group Commercial Director, Daren Moore and Group Business Development Director, James Mattam recently completed a second series of virtual regional meetings.

Regional meetings are a chance to provide a network update, detail new initiatives, discuss future plans and opportunities and receive feedback, to ensure that every franchisee is engaged, informed and supported, so that they can take full advantage of all of the help and services on offer to them through the Support Centre.

James explained: “It was great to catch up with the network, and we’ve had productive questions and comments plus some good feedback that has really highlighted how effective these events are.”

The following key topics were covered during the meetings:

  • Software and Practice Management – The continuing move to full digitalisation and automation, as well as the opportunities that are available to the network coming from the next phase of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative.
  • Future service lines – Supporting clients with our expanding range of services including the introduction of ‘Business Insights’, which provides valuable help and advice to businesses as we start to move past Covid-19 and look to the future.
  • In-House teams – Development of existing payroll and tax insourcing teams to support the network – and the imminent roll out of new services, including Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and personal tax.
  • Winning new business – The increase in new business start-ups and established businesses looking to switch accountants due to lack of service and reinforcing the plans for marketing spends for the year ahead.

Amersham-based TaxAssist franchisee Bari Singh, who attended the South East meeting said: “The regional meeting was an eyeopener. I was particularly interested in ‘Business Insights’ to help clients. This combines the three accounting activities for a good modern finance function, Compliance, Business Partnering and Financial Planning Analysis. I can see all three elements in the way we have bundled our services in this offering. This is the best way to help businesses achieve long term success.

“The overall takeaway for me, is that change is coming, but that if we can work together and adapt and use the change to our advantage, then there is a great opportunity to come out of what is an uncertain future, better than we went in.”

If you share a passion to help local businesses, a TaxAssist franchise provides the systems and support you need to be successful. Regular Virtual Discovery Days are available to attend, where you can find out more about the technical, marketing and business development support on offer. Call 0800 0188297 or submit an enquiry via the button at the top of the page to register your interest.

April 2021

With a detailed plan for the growth and evolution of the TaxAssist brand, plus the addition of new products and services, these are exciting times for the TaxAssist network.

Daren Moore, Group Managing Director

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