Jaz Grewal joined the TaxAssist network in February 2022 at 25 years of age. He tells us more about his background, why he decided to join the franchise and how his business is performing so far.

“I studied finance at university and then went on to complete a training contract with a big 4 firm as an auditor for 3 years where I completed the ICAEW ACA qualification. Whilst I learnt a lot during my career, my goal was always to run my own successful business. So, once I qualified, I left my job working with large corporations, with the aim of serving small businesses in the local community, with bespoke accountancy and tax services,” said Jaz.

“From a young age I worked within a small family business, appreciating the flexibility and reward that comes with being an entrepreneur. I have always wanted to run my own business and searched for new opportunities after I’d qualified.

“The TaxAssist model attracted me as it focuses on running a business myself using a proven business model, whilst also having the support of an established network. I was going to wait a few more years to get some more small practice experience, however, I realised that as the business owner, I do not need to be overly technical, as I can hire experienced staff to carry out the production work whilst focusing on growing my practice. Also, I believe I can bring fresh insight to the local community, whilst having the back-up from the TaxAssist support centre to guide me in the right direction.

"The training and support from the Norwich Support Centre has been invaluable to myself and the team and we're always up to date with the latest tax legislation and tax efficiency strategies. We've also really benefited from TaxAssist being such a well-known brand, with a national presence. This builds trust which I am able to build on locally. The marketing support has also been fantastic, as I don't need to worry about social media, seasonal campaigns or client communications which is all handled centrally, allowing me and my team to focus on servicing the needs of our clients.

“It’s been a phenomenal two years for me and the team based at my TaxAssist shop at 367 Welford Road, Leicester. I’ve really enjoyed meeting with, getting to know and helping the businesses in my local area and providing such a vital service. A real highlight for me is knowing that we are providing valuable advice to business owners which allows them to flourish. We’ve signed up over 165 clients and are looking forward to welcoming many more.

"It is hard work running your own business, but growing up with parents as business owners, this is the route I always wanted to take. You can't treat it like a 9-5 job if you are looking for rapid expansion, but if you're willing to commit it will be very rewarding both personally and financially.

"Looking to the future, I plan to grow the practice further and continue to provide clients with an exceptional service.”

February 2024