Our Support Centre staff are 100% committed to supporting the franchise network and have no other business interests to take their focus away from the importance of assisting the network.

Our package for Country Managers, Master Franchisees and Area Representatives provides comprehensive training and a complete overview of the TaxAssist Accountants system in action.

Training for Country Managers, Master Franchisees and Area Representatives

Our initial training at our Support Centres is split into two parts. The first programme trains Country Managers, Master Franchisees and Area Representatives on how to successfully recruit, develop and support a network of franchisees. The second part covers running a TaxAssist Accountants franchise and includes training on business development, marketing, practice management, software and technical operations.

The initial training is then followed up ‘on the ground’ to ensure that it has been properly received, understood and implemented.

Our training includes:

  • Recruiting franchisees
  • Setting up franchisees
  • Initial training for franchisees
  • Managing franchisees
  • Ongoing development for franchisees and continual professional development
  • Network administration
  • Strengthening the network
  • Brand development
  • Strategic partners

Area Representative training is also delivered at our US Support Center in New Jersey.

Ongoing support

While not providing technical support directly, The TaxAssist Group Support Team provide comprehensive ongoing consultancy advice to our global partners in establishing systems for:

  • Ongoing training programmes
  • Establishing helpline facilities
  • Support website
  • Support personnel visits
  • Regular communication
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Franchisee recruitment
  • Business coaching

To further support our global partners, we provide visits during the crucial set-up and initial training period.

Country Managers, Master Franchisees and Area Representatives are also invited to our UK Annual Conference, providing the opportunity to meet the entire Global Support Centre team, other global partners and our network of franchisees.

With a detailed plan for the growth and evolution of the TaxAssist brand, plus the addition of new products and services, these are exciting times for the TaxAssist network.

Daren Moore, Group Managing Director

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