Adam Badi is a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) with nearly 2 decades' experience in the music industry. He has also worked in the charity sector for humanitarian and grant giving organisations.

“My background is in Electronic Engineering and before the Dot Com bubble burst I had a job lined up as a mobile phone software developer with Ericsson and thought this was my career path...but somehow it got deflected into accountancy and the rest is history!” said Adam.

“So, I started off in industry back in 2003 and after a decade having gained my Charter-ship I decided to go into practice and win my own clients. It was a rewarding few years helping sole traders and small businesses, but at times I lacked the confidence, capacity and resources to take on more clients to enable my firm to grow like other more established practices.

“For some time I had considered joining or merging with larger practices and was very close to doing so, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of surrendering my independence and entering into a protracted profit-sharing agreement with people I didn’t know.

“It was only in 2021 that I decided to take that next step to join a franchise, because my own practice wasn’t growing at the speed that I’d hoped. I wanted to make a success of my business, but I just didn’t have the support network and that’s where TaxAssist came in.

“I had first seen TaxAssist about five years before, from a shop literally down the road from me (proof that the marketing works!). I also noticed the franchise online. 

“I had looked at the rival franchise offerings who were cheaper, but their marketing and branding looked cheap and not the professional standard I have come to admire about TaxAssist.

“The initial training course was first class from beginning to end, with a stream of helpful trainers and people to guide me through the complexities of running a practice on a professional grounding. My plan for the future is to build upon my current practice and hire new members of staff to support me, but with the training provided by the excellent TaxAssist Accountants Training Academy.

“For me, joining the TaxAssist family was a step in the right direction. It allows me to retain ownership of my practice, with the added bonus of being part of a network of like-minded people, plus having an army of helpers in the Support Team to look out for me each step of the way.

“They’ve already been incredibly helpful with finding and advising on the fitting out of my shop and with recruiting staff. This has given me more time to focus on building a successful business, meeting with clients and winning new work.

“All aspects of the support provided are great. I love them all. From marketing, lead generation, to the technical team and TaxAssist Tax Consulting who are my go to trusted advisors. The good thing about the relationship with Tax Consulting is that I receive commission on any business the team wins, and that helps to develop the practice’s income steam.

“If you don’t have a healthy life and mind then it affects the way that you work, so I feel that I’ve actually gained so much by taking the franchise route. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re working as a sole practitioner, you’ve got limitations, which will be because you don’t have the right marketing, because you don’t have the right brand name or staff, perhaps you won’t have the technical support. That’s all being provided by TaxAssist.”

May 2023